Based in the Western Cape, supplying the world

With consumers demanding healthier and sustainable products, we have revolutionised the market with our guilt-free dried fruit and freeze dried snacks

Fruit Snacks

These unique and innovative fruit pulp-based snacks have pioneered a new category within the snack market. We can produce and supply from retail-ready solutions to semi-bulk and bulk options and offer numerous product variations, ranging from:


No added sugar to added sugar.


No preservatives to products preserved with sulphur.


From restoration, natural and artificial flavours, from-the-named fruit, with-other-named fruit, to nature identical and artificial flavours.


The added colours can also vary from natural, e-number free solutions to artificial.

Fruit Shapes

Our 3D moulded fruit shapes, made from fruit puree and fruit concentrates, are a healthy alternative to traditional fruit jellies or gummies. Agar is used as gelling agent, therefore the product is vegan friendly.
Available in standard and bespoke shapes.

Fruit Rolls

The Grassroots Group’s fruit roll technology is unique, and the company has the capability to produce consistent high volume and quality fruit rolls.
The range is available in 20g to 80g serving sizes

Fruit flakes and leathers

Fruit flakes and fruit leathers are cut from dried fruit sheets into different sizes according to customer’s needs.

Fruit flakes are available in 6 x 6mm, 10 x 10mm or 20 x 20mm sizes. The 6 x 6mm size is ideal as a raw material for further processing in for example bars.

Fruit Strings

Designed on the brand strategy of play with your food and no added nonsense, these fun and healthy children’s snacks are available in mango, strawberry and raspberry and blackcurrant flavours.

Pectin Range

The latest addition to the Grassroots Group range are the pectin based snacks that are made from fruit pulp and concentrates using an unique concentration technology.


Available in cubes, bars and leathers as delivery systems


Add botanical or health related ingredients to create a functional snack

Freeze Dried

The freeze dry facility specialises in the freeze drying of whole fruit and fruit or vegetable pulp based drops. The process is a low temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product, lowering atmospheric pressure and then removing the ice by sublimation.
This technology enables us to produce a functional protein or plant based snack with added benefits such as probiotics.

The whole fruit range is available in various shapes and sizes, such as slices, rings, wedges or segments making them ideal for mixes in other foods like muesli.

Some of the benefits include:


Preservative free


Available in bulk-supply


6g of Moon Melts equals 30g of nutrients in dried fruit.

The snack range is made from fruit pulp, with or without yoghurt, and have a light and airy feel and texture and contains no preservatives or added sugars.