We create value through networking and forming long- term strategic alliances with like-minded companies.

Due to our understanding of the full value chain, we are able to leverage raw materials supply, innovation, intellectual property, work ethics and access to markets to form long standing relationships with sustainable value creation in people and for shareholders.

From development to launch, we have expertise throughout the value chain.

Grassroots offer:


Off-the-shelf already-developed products (final product including packaging)


Bespoke products, which our commercial team will develop to retail ready product solutions. This includes product development according to the client’s specifications and shelf life trials to ensure product safety.

Our partners

We have long term business relationships with the farmers and value adding processors. Our raw material suppliers are audited and all of the farmers are GlobalGAP certified. This ensures full traceability back to the orchards with its’ specific spray programs and records.

The following are examples of brand collaborations